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What Is The Best Sunglass Brand?

Eyewear brands are spending their money on a single company that is known for making just about all designer eyewear brands you may be able to think of. This company is called Luxottica. They are said to have made 75 million sunglasses last year alone. These include Tiffany, Prada, Coach COH, Bulgari, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Ray-Ban and more. This Italian company has basically monopolized the eyewear market as far as manufacturing and distribution are concerned. Continue reading

Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator

Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Reviewed

The Ray Ban RB3025 aviator, one of the Sunglass Picks, is undoubtedly the most famous style in the world. Worn by world-renowned artists, celebrities, and world-class musicians the world over, the aviators began its humble beginnings as a functional piece of eyewear for actual pilots.

Today, you see this style not only by Ray Ban, but by almost every sunglasses manufacturer in the world – a true testament to how iconic it is. Continue reading

Customize Your Own Sunglasses

The idea of customizing your sunglasses is indeed interesting and very exciting. The truth is, a lot of people will love to add style and identity to the sunglasses they have and customizing is surely a very viable option. There are a number of different approaches people can take in sunglasses customization. However, the most important thing is to always get that perfect look that is not only unique to you alone, but also very different from the trends in the fashion industry. Customizing sunglasses is not as difficult as it always looks and the following are some easy tips that can help you in this process: Continue reading


What are the Best Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing?

Anyone can just afford a pair of polarized sunglasses today. Previously considered a rich man’s item, polarized sunglasses have grown in popularity among fishing fanatics. The market can now boast of fishing glasses with amazing optical construction and quality lenses to make your fishing experience fun. Continue reading

The Best Sunglasses For Eye Protection

When you are attempting to determine which are the best sunglasses for eye protection, there are two areas you should consider. You need to carefully look at how the fit of the frame blocks out sunlight and how much the lens of the sunglasses are able to block out harmful ultraviolet light. A Sunglasses frame that fits properly will physically block out a large amount of ultraviolet light from your eyes. Selecting a pair of sunglasses because of the way they look and sacrificing the physical fit of the frame and the protective quality of the lens, is a common pitfall. Having the proper knowledge of what to choose can ensure that you do not end up with just a pair of good looking sunglasses, but rather both. Continue reading